Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Tiny Baby Caps, Please?

I received an email in December from Save the Children requesting my participation in their 'Caps for Good' program, which is just like their previous 'Caps to the Capitol' program where they were requesting the donation of very small hand knit and crochet caps to be sent to developing nations where newborns die simply because they are too small to maintain their own body heat. At any age, our bodies vent heat off of the tops of our heads. Putting one of these caps on a newborn's head helps their little body retain that precious body heat so that they can stay alive.

I have been thrilled to knit up these little life-saving caps to send off to save babies. They are a breeze to whip up--I can finish one hat while watching a movie, bind off and start another before the movie ends--and they are just incredibly adorable. And I have to admit, as a mother, it pulls on my maternal instincts. If there is something that I can do to help other mothers around the world keep their babies alive, healthy and warm I want to do it.

So, I am putting the word out once again here on my blog and in the Knitters and Crocheters Care group on Ravelry, and also for my local DC knitting peeps I will be putting together a charity event in order to spread the word and get more baby caps made.

The caps, along with any monetary donation you'd like to make, get sent to Save the Children. You can download the free baby cap pattern to knit or crochet at the CYC Warm Up America website.

Now that you are all done with Christmas knitting, you can get those needles all warmed up again and crank out a few tiny caps and save a few babies. It's fun and it really feels good.


tricia said...


My name is Tricia Puskar and I lead Save the Children's Caps for Good Campaign. I jsut wanted to thank you for your blog post and for your contribution to our efforts! If you are interested in getting more involved, please email me at Many thanks and happy new year!

Evelyn said...


I am sending you an email today! Thank you.

Evelyn ;-)